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Niuko – Innovation & Knowledge is the alliance among Fòrema and Risorse in Crescita, the training agencies of Confindustria Padova and Vicenza, and now represents the biggest hub for competencies development in Italy in the Confindustria network.


Territorial scope

Our 30-years rooting in Veneto Region area allowed us to build strong relationships with SME: this cooperation has raised innovative skills for people and competitiveness for companies. And we learned to serve big companies too, that today are choosing us as provider of solutions even in complex organizational settings.


What we do

We mainly deal with training and advising services to support companies and individuals in their change paths. Our team designs and implements projects and training activities, adopting innovative tools and methodologies that we’ve developed and tested as the “Niuko way”. Experiential training, soft skills development, corporate academy, re-shaping of the organizations, career support services, social inclusion, are now among our more meaningful activities.


An open lab

We believe in continuous training and development of our proposals (contents, methodologies, learning spaces) and in the power of networking with the right partners (professionals, companies, agencies at national and international level). The tireless dialogue with our customer, stakeholders and Institutions contributes to create real solutions for the development of people and organizations.

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    Some data about Niuko in 2015

    • 4.600 training courses realized
    • 2.300 companies served
    • 26.800 attendants to our courses
    • 63.300 training hours realized
    • 14.100 training days provided 

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      Fòrema and Risorse in Crescita are both accredited as a training provider at Veneto Region and Youth Corner to implement Youth Guarantee EU initiative.

      Fòrema is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and the only training agency domiciled in Brussels at the headquarters of the Veneto Region.

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      The network 

      Cooperation with European partners is one of the best strategies to enrich the training offer, taking advantage of skills and best practices developed at European level. For this reason Niuko designs, implements and participates in innovative actions in collaboration with training institutions, industrial organizations, trade unions, public and private institutions, associations and stakeholders in the labor market.

      The Niuko network can count on:

      • 70 institutional partners at all government levels
      • 80 partners from the Education and Training System (Schools, VET agencies, Universities)
      • around 120 partners in Europe